What It Takes to Become a Government Employee

After finishing college, graduates look around for jobs to apply their knowledge and skills to live a decent life. A portion of these graduates will always find jobs in government as this institution offers the most stable occupations in any society. A society could not function without a government to manage its affairs. But what does it take to become a government employee? This article describes what is expected of government employees and the pressures and challenges that a public position entails.

Many government employees grumble about the weaknesses of the system that governs them. It is most common among government employees to gripe about the inadequacies of their administrators and would always find fault in the way things are handled. But what is really expected of government employees? To rephrase it, what does it take to become a government employee?

Decency and Accountability in the Government Sector

A government employee, in fact, is expected to perform a lot of things. A government employee must exhibit the highest form of decency and accountability. In a democratic society, his major role is to see to it that government services are carried out smoothly and effectively in such a way that the needs of its clientele, the people in general, are met. In effect, government employees are called civil or public servants.

It must be recalled that before one finds himself employed in the government sector, he has to pass government accreditation such as hurdling the civil service eligibility exam. The civil service eligibility exam is supposed to serve as a regulatory mechanism to select dedicated and competent employees of government. After undergoing this selection process, it is expected that those who pass the examination should be able to competently carry out their functions. The civil service examination serves as a safety net that should ensure the quality of services provided to the citizens.

Pressures and Challenges in Government

In the course of carrying out the government employee's functions however, there are some pressures and challenges coming from groups that try to disfigure or destroy the noble intention of a government system. Many government employees find themselves buried in a quagmire of scandals, incompetence, corruption, among others. They are almost always tempted to enrich themselves as they are tasked with greater responsibility to manage the government's resources. And those who succumb become victims of their own folly. This even leads to the removal of employees or civil servants of the highest rank as a government must always adhere to the highest values founded on justice and honesty in the delivery of services.

But there are likewise government employees who keep on doing their sworn-in duties and responsibilities. These are quiet workers of government who perform their duties diligently and honestly as well as focus their efforts towards delivering the services that the public requires. These are those who do most of the work and display the highest form of civility. They sometimes suffer or get killed as they are lambasted, cajoled, threatened or coerced to do something which are beyond their sweared function in the office.

Public Office is a Public Trust

Once a person enters the government, it is expected that he or she should be trusted because a government position is a public trust. This oft repeated phrase "a public office is a public trust" implies a sense of duty and moral responsibility. It is a privilege that requires the highest level of values and commitment in providing services. This also means that whatever the government employee's duties and responsilities are, these should be carried out without fear or favor.

It is thus the moral obligation and duty of each government employee in a democratic government to deliver the best he could to serve best the interest of the public of which he, in fact, is also a part. As Abraham Lincoln in his famous Gettysburg Address said, a democratic government is a government of the people, by the people and for the people and that this government shall not perish from the earth.

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