Induction Training Help New Employees Integrate into Team Quickly

Conducting induction training is a good way to help new employees integrate into the new work environment. How to help new employees integrate into your new team quickly via induction training? Here are 4 useful points for you.

Induction Training is absolutely vital for new employees, regardless of whether they are experienced or not. When come to a new company, new employees are thirsty to know more about their new work place, they want to quickly integrate into the new team. Many companies conduct induction training program to help employees integrate into the work environment. However, achieving the induction training goal within a short period of training time is really difficult. How to help new employees integrate into your new team quickly via induction training? Here are some points.

Make a good induction training plan

Making a good induction training plan is the cornerstone of success. The pre-piece stands, not pre-then waste. As an induction training manager, you should make a elaborate plan based on your company's specific conditions and new employees' characteristics before implementation. Training content, form, time, responsible person, cost should be included in your detailed plan.

Training content should be targeted

Induction training should be divided into basic training and professional training. Basic training includes corporate culture, corporate strategy, organizational structure, personnel welfare system, security, fire safety knowledge of common knowledge. Professional training is based on the level of the work responsibilities, work processes, working contents.Basic training can be for all new employees, while professional training should be conducted according to different departments and different types of work. Such training can help new employees quickly adapt to the environment and their new jobs and then improve their job performance.

Training form must be flexible

Make the form of induction training more flexible according to the new employee's age, educational background, and training content. ?

  • Outward Development - particularly helpful in training new staff's team spirit and sense of innovation, and tapping new employees' potential. ?
  • Keynote lecture - invite leaders to conduct seminars and let new employees know company's profiles to enhance their confidence for their occupation. ?
  • On-site visit - lead new employees to visit representative production units, and make new employees have overall understanding for company operation process. ?
  • Discussion between old and new employees - organize discussions between new employees and old employees. Old employees can share their work experience at company and the new employees ask questions and get answers about more details of the work or company, this can encourage new staff integrate into the company more quickly.

At the same time, training managers should strengthen the innovation of training form. Nowadays, induction training form becomes more diverse, more and more companies conduct E-learning and Mobile-learning to enrich their induction training program. These training forms will encourage new employees change their roles from outsiders into business professionals quickly and integrate into the new team. And it's also an excellent opportunity to reinforce their decision to come and work for you.

Establish induction training effect feedback evaluation system

As with any type of training, it is important to review and seek feedback after induction training. The evaluation of induction training can be divided into three stages:

The first phase focuses on evaluating appropriateness for the training course content. You can organize all trainees to discuss the content of training course, and learn about their feeling for the training content.

The second stage focuses on the evaluation of new employees' learning and academic performance. This can be evaluated through examinations: paper-based test is usually the most common way, but for the sake of time-saving and cost-effective, computer-based test will be the most recommending way. 

The third stage, evaluation the work performance of the trainees through their supervisors. Through this, you can know how the new employees take their learned into practice. Also, you can learn the effect of induction training in practice.

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