Being the Best Person - How to Impress at the Interview

Tips on how to behave, dress, and speak at the all important job interview, with focus on the particular company one is applying to, on dressing to conform to their codes and styles, and displaying the right kind of attitude to make those who are questioning feel comfortable in your presence and want you around.

As a companion piece to two articles I wrote from the Company's perspective, this one is for the prospective employee.  To put it simply, with one hundred candidates; why should I hire YOU?  What makes you the best choice for this company?  Notice the term this company.   You may want a job, any job, but the employers want to hire someone who wants to work for THIS company.

Do you see the difference?

Do you ask anyone out on a date because you want to go out?  "Why did you call me?"  she asks, and I bet you don't say; "Cause I want to go out and I'll go out with anyone to go out."

A company has the same kind of pride.  Why do you want to work for Me?  Your answer can't be; "I am so desperate for a job I'll work for anyone."

A. Do Your Homework

Find out what the Company does; this particular office.   Many Companies have different bits and pieces scattered about.  This branch may focus on widgets, those of stracodenins, the other on snapapples.  If you are attending an interview at the office that deals with snapapples; know something about snapapples as well as the company.

Imagine at an interview;  "I've always felt snapapples were highly underrated.  The most recent study done at M.I.T. has established that..."   (Do I need to tell you that you're hired?)

Find out as much as you can about the company, including why they are hiring NOW.  

B. Dress To Conform

Before you go on the Interview do your survelliance.  She how the people dress.  Are they suits?  Are they shirts?  Are they jeans?  How do they normally dress.

You might see guys walking around in suits and ties; well you know that's what you are wearing to the interview.  You might see women in expensive dresses with stocking, buy stockings if you don't have any.   Dress exactly like the people who work their already.  You should look like you 'belong' there.

Of course, if the people are in jeans, don't emulate.  Wear a nice new casual pants outfit.  Jeans cut but not jeans. 

C. Be Prepared

Have a pen, pencil, original of any documents you have submitted. Make sure your Cell phone is OFF.  Not on vibration but off.

You don't want to get a job?  Have your phone ring.  I don't care what your documents look like.  Hence OFF.  Be alert.  Listen to what is being said, asked, and answer after thought.  Some questions are 'trick'. 

D. Attitude

Do not try too hard to please, to be anxious, nervous, or to impress.  Be calm, warm, nice and attentive. Have what can be called a good attitude.  Make them like you, want you around.  Don't complain about how long you had to wait, how much trouble you went through to be here.  No one CARES.  All they care about;  a) is this person qualified? b) is this person the kind we want to work here?

If you can match A - D you will at least be short-listed if not hired.


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